Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kimonos at the Met

On our second visit to the fabulous Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, John and I passed through the Asian galleries to the Japanese section to see a special exhibition.
Kimono: A Modern History follows the art of kimonos from the 18th century to today. The exhibit opens with this 18th century screen featuring dancing noblewomen.
The show displays the continuing interest in the kimono garment
into the 20th century.
The changing periods of Japanese history and the arts 
can be seen in the materials. The two above are Deco influenced.
A basalt fountain by Isamu Noguchi holds the centre of the exhibition. It was his last work.
Back and front of gorgeous contemporary kimonos  as we leave the exhibit. Great stuff!
On our way out we passed another contemporary work, PicCell-Deer #24, 2011, by Kohei Nawa. A taxidermied deer transformed by the artist's "PixCell" beads. A magical moment.

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