Friday, October 24, 2014

Our Cosy West Village Flat

John and I rented a studio flat in New York City last week.
We found it on quiet, tree-lined Horatio Street
just one block below the southern entrance to the High Line Park.
The compact apartment was perfect for our needs.
Coffee and a light breakfast in the morning.
Reading with a drink in the evenings.
There was a closet in the back (not shown) and three big drawers in the front room for our storage.
It was all very homey and comfortable.
We highly recommend a stay at Jill's apartment.
Fetch more information here.


  1. What a beautiful building & the interior looks very comfy. Can't wait to read more about your trip.

  2. Yes, it really was a great place to stay in the Big Apple, Shelley. More to come soon.

  3. And it came with chairs! How deluxe!

  4. It looks very cozy and much larger than my pad could ever be for two persons. Windows and all, wow, I am envious. "It is the little things"; we need room to grow just the same. My hobby as the counselor I was seeing say, is killing of us and the marriage. I am saying your temporary pad is lovely.

  5. Yes, our temporary place in NYC was perfect. Glad you liked the post, seule!