Sunday, September 21, 2014

Brock Badgers 50th Anniversary Reception

John and I walked into Brock University's Silver Badger Champagne Reception last Saturday with our friends Eleanor, Jane and Rob.
We were pleased to meet up with former classmates including English major, Craig Doyle. 
 Fifty years ago, in 1964, Brock University opened it's doors to it's first hundred students. The first graduating students in 1967/68 were named the Silver Badgers. Here are a few portraits by John.
Craig Doyle
Marilyn Williams
Garth Reid
 John Ingram
Philip Beaudoin 
Our Jane Laughton
Our Eleanor Beattie 
 My very own William Kimber
The Badgers set in to chatting and catching up for the next two hours. Here's Eleanor Beattie catching up with Juan Fernandez, her former Spanish professor.


  1. A brilliant bunch of badgers at the soirée! Everyone looks wonderful.

  2. Thanks, Shell. The wonderful world of badgers!