Sunday, July 6, 2014

Estorick Collection, London

John and I visited The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art for the first time in May. The permanent collection emphasizes the works of Italian Futurists and the gallery.
That's Massimo Campigli's Il Belvedere, 1930, on the left.
 We loved Ottone Rossi's Man Waiting, 1919. Perfect for our collection!
 This is Renato Guttuso's Landscape with Lovers.
 Futurist Carlo Carrà's The Boxer, 1913.
 Carrà's Atmospheric Swirls: A Bursting Shell, 1914.
Carlo Carrà's Synthesis of a Cafe Concert, 1910-12 
 Umberto Boccinioni's The Farewell, 1912.
 We also saw a special exhibition of the collages of Pablo Echauren, son of Chilean Surrealist, Roberto Matta.
 The gallery was also hosting a special exhibition of paparazzi photographs by Marcello Geppetti and Arturo Zavattini. I couldn't resist buying the catalogue featuring Brigitte Bardot on its cover.
The Years of La Dolce Vita showcased images from the late 50's and early 60's of celebrities on Via Veneto in Rome and candid shots from Frederico Fellini's filming of La Dolce Vita at Cinecitta.
 My favourite was a series of pictures of Anita Ekberg holding off photographers with a bow and arrow outside her home in Rome.
 The collection is housed in an elegant former residence
and is entered through the courtyard.
 When we left the gallery, John lingered to take a close-up
of a Geppetti photo of Robert Wagner. 
while I slipped out into Canonbury Square to catch a shot of the front of the building.

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