Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Anna Blewchamp at the TOAE

Bill and I are excited that our friend Anna Blewchamp will be showing some new assemblages this weekend at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (TOAE).
We bought this piece from Blewchamp years ago and have enjoyed looking at it every day since. It is one of a series of assemblages based on Tarot cards. This is Temperance.
She also did a series of boxes based on the four elements. This is Air. A friend bought this and every time I visit her I sit by it and admire it. This is one of my favourite Blewchamps. It is so airy!
Here's another beauty: By the Waters.
Phoebe: She Dreamed She Stood Where the Earth Met the Sky is from Blewchamp's Bedlam Series. Bill and I have an assemblage (not shown) from this series called, Theo: He Dreamed He Heard the Sound of the Moon. Blewchamp has a knack for titles.
La Science: for Herbert, was a birthday commission, using various bits of ephemera of the subject and using pictures of him at different ages.
For Bill's birthday a few years ago, Anna made this piece with elements from his life. The elegant young woman at the centre of this assemblage is Bill's grandmother at age 16.
For Lynne D. is from another new series: As Above, So Below.
Find more about these and other works on Blewchamp's Tumblr. The show is this weekend only, Friday to Sunday, July 4th to 6th. Bill and I plan on being first in line Friday night!

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