Sunday, June 22, 2014

Shoreditch, London

When John and I ventured into London's Shoreditch area we usually began at Redchuch Street where it splits from Bethnal Green Road at the top of  Brick Lane. The Redchurch bar is one of the first watering holes one runs into in the oh-so-hip neighbourhood.
One might catch sight of a Pearly catching the Bethnal Green bus home on the weekend.
The Street Art on Redchurch is memorable too.
I've read that Shoreditch was essentially a furniture-making neighbourhood in the 19th century and was revived as an  artist neighbourhood in the 1990s when big names like Damien Hirst and Tracey Amin rented studios there. Now fancy outlets like Tracey Neuls (shoes and cycling gear) have opened shops in the neighbourhood.
Labour and Wait has classy hardware and housewares.
John bought me this nice Cornishware coffee mug.

 Bars and smart eateries line  Redchurch Street.
 Albion Cafe, Foods and Bakery is a magnet for the hip and well-heeled.
In the backstreets old factory and warehouse buildings have been renovated for the new residents. I doubt that there are many cheap spaces to rent anymore.
It now seems to be an area of smart design studios, shops, galleries
 and bars and clubs
that attract a young crowd.
 Some of the older workmens' eateries like Franco's have found new lunch patrons.
Let's return to Shoreditch High Street itself
Where some of the old clubs that once featured strip shows in seamier days have found new life
and old warehouse spaces turned into clubs have lineups even on a Sunday afternoon.
Let's leave our little tour with the young crowd sunbathing at the end of the Boxpark -- a complex of pop-up shops and bars made up of shipping containers.

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