Saturday, June 7, 2014

Our Brick Lane Apartment

 A doorway in Brick Lane leads to these modest stairs
Which lead up to a small jewel of an apartment. 
 Two large sash windows let in lots of sun and air. 
The Tomatoes From Canada command centre. 
I liked sitting in this window.
There was always a lot of action on Brick Lane and at the very busy Mosque across the street.
And watch people go in and out of the Zam Zam gift shop and Al-Halal chicken.
We rediscovered the joys of using a hassock.
We bought a little coffee maker so we could have our morning coffee at home (with English strawberries in yoghurt).
 We also rediscovered the joy of soaking our old bones after an exhausting day.
View from the back windows. 
I would lay out my coins in order at night to learn the values. Pound coins on the left, 50, 20 and 10 cent coins. Not sure about the last one… Bill thinks they're fives.
The books we bought in London. They do furnish the room. For those who are interested here's the Airbnb listing for the apartment.

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