Friday, June 6, 2014

Christ Church, Spitalfields

 The centrepiece of John and my neighbourhood in Spitalfields was Nicholas Hawksmoor's Christ Church right across the street from the Old Spitalfield's Market on Commercial Street.
 It was built in 1729 to be a stronghold of the Anglican Church in a district that was being settled by Protestant Huguenots weavers. 
 The interior was designed to impress with its gallery and high ceilings.
I was indeed impressed
despite the fact that John and later Shelley missed the opulent glories of  Catholic Churches… say Brompton Oratory.
 The tall spire is a local landmark
 very visible from the 18th century streets of the Huguenot weavers
and right next door to the Ten Bells Pub that gets its name from the belfry.

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