Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Brighton Beach

Last Friday John and I made a day trip from London to Brighton.
After around 50 minutes we arrived at the train station.
We headed straight down to the beach.
It was a suitably overcast, gusty day. Very British, we thought.
The carrousels were getting warmed up.
We  joined the other holidayers down by the water's edge.
The pebble peaches stretched endlessly off into the distance.
The pier loomed before us.
We headed right out onto it with a side-order of chips to snack on.

And so we experienced the daring gall of the gulls who also fancy chips.
British seaside piers are always a treat!
We liked this classic helter skelter slide.
Brighton must be even more fun if you're a teen and can give the rides your full attention.
John was determined to have a Guinness by the seaside.
Cheers! That's a cider I'm raising.
We visited the penny arcades as we walked back to shore.
The lure of magic treasure!
As we emerged onto the boardwalk again we watched the British families enjoying the beach.
British seaside towns never disappoint. Thanks, Brighton!

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