Monday, June 23, 2014

Annellie and Dimitri's Wedding

Last Wednesday afternoon, John had to work, but I was pleased to attend the wedding of Annellie Samuel to Dimitri Kostić at Toronto City Hall.
The newly-weds in full glow! 
Wedding party 
Theresa, Carmela, The Bride and Nikki on the City Hall patio.
 Friday night John and I helped decorate the reception hall. Rob and Ruskie are hanging paper walls to make a smaller party space apart from the large room.
  Liz and Kat decorated the walls with ribbons of roses.
Rob does his best "go-go boy" behind the backlit paper wall. 
 Carmela Bill and Theresa are carving out a chandelier from foam board.
Carmela displays the first piece.
 John inhabits the chandelier
Meanwhile Ti is making gorgeous bouquets of paper flowers to decorate the space. 
 Bill decorates the chandelier with paper roses and Karen is busy with those ribbons of paper roses.
Finished chandelier
 It's all too exciting!
 The party begins the next afternoon in the common space in the courtyard of the couple's condo. Bill in a sea of rose petals.
 The Newly-weds greeting guests.
The beautiful bride, Annellie, with her step-daughters, Kat and Liz. 
Theresa and I at the guest book table. 
Tomatoes From Canada by Rob Gray. 
 The view of the buffet from the top of the Wedding Cake.
 Let's take a slow scan of that table.
It was all so delicious.
Oh, and about those paper bouquets by Ti!
The bartender and the catering staff were uniformly excellent. We'll give you their number.
Last one on the tray!
Maurizio, me, Theresa and Rob
 One of the roses on those ribbons.
 The party eventually spread out onto the comfortable patio.
Chose sun or shade. 
Liz and Kat Kostić do their best Charlie's Angels with pal, Christina and Kat's partner, Tom. 
Cake cutting 
 and big kissing. 
Congratulations Annellie and Dimitri!


  1. Such glorious photographs! What a wonderful afternoon that was. Congrats, and all best wishes for many long and happy years together! O & A