Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sadko Hadzihasanović at Paul Petro

Sadko Hadsihasanović's new show Young Romi opened at Paul Petro Contemporary Art on Friday night. Bill and I saw it yesterday afternoon.
The front room is full of new paintings: oil and pencil on masonite.
Most of them feature images of young Romi guys Hadzihasinovic met while sketching in Northern Serbia. He tells the story in his artist's statement
Don't miss the enormous watercolour at the foot of the stairs.
We found Sadko having lunch with Paul Petro in the small kitchen at the back of the gallery.
 We talked about the new work.
Paul brought out two small watercolours that were not in the show. 
Bill and I bought this one on the spot. 
Sadko walked us out and talked about the paintings in the front room. 
I commented on the sense of depth in this picture and Sadko said it was a trick he learned from Cézanne. For a feeling of depth have one strong horizontal line and one diagonal. 
The show is on until April 26th.


  1. You're most welcome, Sadko. Thank you for great show.

  2. What a nice piece to add to your fine collection. I must go & have a look at the exhibit - beautiful work!

  3. Do go see, Shelley. Sadko's Romi and the landscapes they inhabit are gorgeous. Glad you like our choice!