Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Joy of Mix-Tapes

2002: Bill and I start making playlists for our friends. I learn that a perfect CD sleeve is exactly 12 cm square.
 When I took this picture, from the front of a bus in Grimsby, Ontario, the driver asked to see it. Then he asked me to send it to him. "My supervisor has to see this."
I see we haven't made a new one in almost ten years. The new one is almost done.

For a few years I worked at Richview Library in Etobicoke. They had a great collection of Urdu and Hindi music CDs.
I enjoyed making covers for my favourites.
So much fun to pick the background and type colours with that eyedropper.


  1. Love the colours and photos - great fun to do. Music is a great escape.

  2. I love the Cafe de Flore cover!

  3. The image was shot a long time ago, in the Gare du Nord train station in Paris, when I was still developing the courage take pictures of strangers.