Monday, March 10, 2014

Egyptian Collaboration

Tomatoes From Canada recently collaborated with Egyptologist Steven Blake Shubert on an article for KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt
 Last winter I went with Steven to the Lillian Massey Building at the University of Toronto to take pictures of the stained glass windows.
 The windows, by Henry Holiday, were installed in 1915 when the building was the U of T's Household Science Building. If you'd like to see the windows for yourself, the building is open to the public. It is on Avenue Road at Bloor Street across from the Royal Ontario Museum.
 Bill drew portraits of artist Henry Holiday, benefactor Lillian Massey and Charles T. Currelly, founder of the ROM (above) and Egyptian and Greek antecedents to one of the window figures (below).
I was thrilled when Shubert told me that he had discovered hieroglyphs in my photographs that he had missed in the windows themselves.
Bill and I have loved both ancient Egypt and the ROM since we were kids. We feel honoured to have been involved. We think KMT did an excellent job with the illustrations, photographs and layouts.


  1. Wow - congratulations! What a wonderful collaboration. The illustrations and photos look beautiful.

  2. Congratulations - very interesting project indeed. Time to go back to the ROM to see those windows.

  3. How great to see the windows so closely! A view we'll never have from the stairs; now I know exactly what to look for. Thank you!

  4. Looks beautiful, both drawing & photos. Steven is a fountain of knowledge about anything Egyptian. What a wonderful collaboration.

  5. Thank you. Bill and I had so much fun helping Steven tell his story. He's brilliant.

  6. In his illustrations to Lewis Carroll's "The Hunting of the Snark", Henry Holiday alluded to pictorial elements of works by J. E. Millais, Gheeraerts I, John Martin, G. Doré etc. I wonder whether the sources of these hieroglyphs are reproductions of Egypt writings. In 1907 Holiday surely also saw hieroglyphs when he visited Egypt.