Monday, January 13, 2014

Island Thaw

Last weekend John and I had arranged to help our friends Q and H hang pictures in their Ward's Island home.
 Toronto was experiencing a January thaw so the harbour was shrouded in fog
 and the ice was beginning to break up.
 At the mainland dock we were fascinated by the eccentric devices that Wards Island residents create to carry supplies to their homes
 and by the colourful costumes of some of the passengers as we boarded the Onigara ferry boat to Wards Island.
 It began to rain as we landed on the Wards Island dock. Note the gleaming ice between us and the yacht club.
Delightful snacks greeted us at our destination.
 We got right to work. Here I tested positioning a painting right over the stove under the critical eye of Q and H .
 The yummy root vegetables went into the oven while we worked.
Nancy Woodruff's watercolour landscapes went up next
 with one of her large drawings and a seascape by H's great grandfather.
H and I made some adjustments to the frames.
 H caught John holding the wall position whilst measuring the distance for the next nail.
By the time most of the pictures were up Q served a delicious dinner of baked salmon, roasted root vegetables and green beans followed by a lemon tart for dessert.
 When we headed home, John caught this shot of the treacherous ice and puddles along the path back to the dock
and this night-shot of the cityscape across the harbour.


  1. LOL: "Note the gleaming ice between us and the yacht club."; and beauty abound with "this last night shot of the cityscape across the harbour." Thank you for sharing you guys. It helps to lift the spirit of this hazard soul; stuck in this basement for hours. You know of the film/movie "Shawshank Redemption, with bag associate asking for bathroom break; well I don't even get this.

    The ward (father of the girl Liz/beth; Bob) is almost always in bath. Or so I am lying. Thank you for sharing and mind me not for I mean no disrespect.

  2. Despite all the ice and rain the day was delightful, seule771. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. Q's place is shaping up very nicely during this January thaw.

  4. Sorry, at times I am over taken by my depression and forget my placement in things being with place setting and the likes. I don't mean disrespect or to copy.

    Some things seeming to familiar, yet we are countries apart. I purchased a small art; wall print to hang yesterday and so is your post of framing/hanging of wall art. This similarity has happened before. A bit canny. this post I just submitted is to do with thawing after having read of your post I use the word thaw knowing you did as well. So it is subjecting hypnotic or such.

    At times it feels a punning on me ; I don't know anyone in blog land. T's best this way.

    Be kind and mean no harm. Enjoy with random acts of kindness. if I am not making sense disregard all.

  5. Nothing makes a place home like art on the walls, says, I, Shelley. No problem, seule.

  6. the little art that I purchase reads: "Ain't it funny that some folks you can't miss an'some folks you jus miss a pile? An'the folks that you can't miss you see lots. An'the other folks,--once in a while."

    Similarly to this nag who keeps posting on your lovelies. My husband has a brother who phoned today and his middle name is Arthur. Art on wall spread like. If this is misconstrued; I could not explain of myself.
    I desire none other than the one I am with; after him, none.

    I must write as I feel, or else not. Thank you very much.

  7. Gorgeous pictures, John! Sometimes bad weather gives the best shots!