Monday, December 16, 2013

Tree Trimming Party

Our friend Nancy's Christmas tree trimming party is the highlight of our holiday season.
Fueled by her dangerous Poinsettia cocktails, friends get right to work.
Nancy's delicious snacks are a Christmas legend and not to be missed.
This year's party was the best yet! 
Thank you for inviting us, Nancy, and Merry Christmas to all!


  1. These photos are wonderful, we're in the magical evergreen forest.

    Eat, drink, be merry - great xmas spirit happenin'

    I think Bill drank the most Poinsettia cocktails. ;-)

  2. Glad you enjoyed the party and our pics. Shelley. Now you mustn't misinterpret that cruel portrait of me with the poinsettia. I was actually stunningly in control of my consumption thereof. Sort of ;/}

  3. Really looks like the holiday spirit indeed!
    Ready for the holidays now.

  4. A favourite Seasonal tradition, Lisa, and those Poinsettias are great fun-fuel.

  5. This was one of the more enjoyable posting as yet to experience/share with readers. Thank you. It is nice to have friend.

  6. Glad you enjoyed this post, seule! The tree trimming is a high light of the season for us. Seasons Best to you!