Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas in Aurora

John and I spent Christmas Day in ice-laden Aurora at the home of my nephew, Brian Jr and his wife, Jennifer. 
 Their youngest son, Chase, was a bit shy of the family invaders
while Stuie their dog stayed close to the fire. 
Grandma and Grandpa, Kate and Brian soon got chummy with their youngest grandson
while John watched our great-nieces, Mya and Julie, researching the rules for a new game.
Ever the party-girl, Jenny, brought a Barbie-party-hat for people to try.
and Kate 
Meanwhile the boys, Eric, Robert and Jonathan were in the basement family room trying out a new video game. 
At dinner time Gramps and Robert sat at the Kids' Table 
while Kate filled her plate with her daughter, Christine, and niece, Julie. 
 John, Kate and Jenny at the Adult table.
Great-niece Heather showed off a new Christmas bracelet.
Then it was time to open gifts! Our great-nephew William is deep into instructions for a new video game while Eric patiently waits for a his turn. 
 Finally it was photo time! Robert and his dad, James, get their shots.
It was all very serious 
until it was "Funny" shot time. Notice that great-nephew, Jonathon, refuses to take part. 
Here's our host, Brian Jr, with his sisters, Jenny and Christine. 
The ever-serious and cup-stacking baby of the family amuses his mom, Jennifer. Thanks for a great Christmas gathering, Brian Jr and Jen!


  1. Archie Bunker of: All in the Family show; and squeaky Edith Bunker: Oh Archieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  2. The Barbie-party-hat is the ultimate festive headgear in my opinion. :-)