Sunday, December 29, 2013

Boxing Day on the Island

Lucky us! John and I were invited to an afternoon party on Toronto Island on Boxing Day!
Toronto Harbour was frozen over 
with just a broken path of crunchy ice to the Wards' Island dock. 
We enjoyed our trek through the winter wonderland of the Wards island community.
That's fellow guest, Cathy, enroute.
John got this great shot of 1st Street
and I got him with the Toronto cityscape in the background. 
What a treat to settle into our friend, Q's, cosy home.
The sun was setting when we headed back to the mainland
with its Christmas-sy lights.


  1. Such an enchanting island home Q has.

  2. Well what to say or not say and who is asking?
    What is the difference with Boxing Day and the Fighting Irish? Or Boxing of Helena for that matter.

    I like the colour of the Golden yellow orb of a house behind Cathy en route. And of that tree, with such a looming and foreboding presence of arms outstretched....reeking of snow...on 1st Street. Trekking in the snow to the home of a friend is ideally wonderful. You are all fortune to get such an invitation and thank you for sharing. Happy New Year.

  3. A very Happy New Year to you too, seule771!

  4. As always it was such a delight to host you... and it's so wonderful to look on your blog and see what you saw. It looks like your Christmas day was lots of fun too! Happy New Year!

  5. The delight is all ours as your guests, Q!