Sunday, November 3, 2013

Corner Bistro, New York

John and I visited this classic New York pub near our apartment several times. It's famous for its $3 beer and burgers that are reputed to be the best in New York.
The burgers were indeed tasty and the fries were excellent. They had nice Original Sin Cider for me and John liked the draft. It even had a jukebox.
It's definitely popular with the locals. 
 Keep an eye open for the Corner Bistro when you're in the neighbourhood. It's at 331 West 4th Street and Jane Street.


  1. It is not likely that I will be in New York anytime soon. I was there once in or around 2006 to visit my aunt and my uncle Philippe. It was a one visit since I don't keep in touch with family.
    I like the name "Original Sin Cider" beer. Thank you for sharing.