Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday morning at the Byward Market

  Our first destination on Saturday morning in Ottawa was the Byward Market and a breakfast of cafés au lait and chocolate almond croissants at Le Moulin de Provence bakery.
Yum! We needed 2 each of these delicious coffees to get ourselves up and running. 
 First a peek inside the second floor of the market building with its cloud of produce above the shops.
Then out to the overflowing market stalls outside the market building. 
Canadian West  Coast wild salmon with Haida decorations. 
 A shop specializing in organic produce.
 Gooseberries and red currants.
We can never resist a local market. Now let's head off to the National Gallery of Art.


  1. Love your shots of the market and the beautiful fresh produce. Those gooseberries look ready to burst with flavour, yummm!

  2. It really is a lovely market, Niki, and we love markets!