Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pool Party of the Living Dolls

 My brother Tom and his wife Kim invited Bill and me and the rest of my family to join them in their backyard last weekend.
All this rain has made their hedge sky high. You'd never know we were on a little street in Kanata, just outside Ottawa.
My niece's husband Richard with their four-year-old Ella. 
 My brother-in-law Peter reading a copy of Bill's Night Time.
 Nice to catch up with my nephew James.
Bill and I liked his girl friend Casey. They seem like great friends.
 Here are the heavenly hosts, Kim and Tom, with a dried-off Richard between them.
 Tom with Peter's brother Henry in the middle. Peter on the right.
My great-niece Ella looking regal.
 Ella watching her hand go back and forth in the water.
Ella's mermaids. 
 Kim says "If there is water, Elmslies will be in it."
I went into the kitchen to find Ella working. Nice art! 
 Interesting to see her technique.
 This drawing is a gift for a friend so Ella's mother, another Kim, my niece, writes the friend's name. "What letter is that, Ella?" "A"
God bless all the living dolls!


  1. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all, Elmslie mermen and mermaids included!