Sunday, August 11, 2013

Arrival in Ottawa

When John and I grabbed a cab at the Via Rail station the driver didn't know the Swiss Hotel where we'd booked a room for the weekend. He knew how to get to Daly Ave and Cumberland Street though. When we arrived he said "Here we are, but I don't see a hotel". I pointed across the street to the red door.
We really enjoyed our room in this friendly, attractive, reasonably priced boutique hotel,  perfectly situated just below Byward Market. We highly recommend it.
As soon as we unpacked we headed out for dinner in the market neighbourhood. I had read about a nice pub, The Aude Dubliner, that was noted for its fish and chips.
We were soon seated on its shady patio. 
We both opted for the famous fish.
Great crowd at the tables and great service. We felt right at home.
After dinner we walked over to the Parliament Buildings.
We loved Barbara Patterson's sculpture, The Famous Five Monument,
which commemorates five Canadian women (Emily Murphy, Irene Parlby, Louise McKinney, Henrietta Muir Edwards and Nellie McClung) who successfully led a challenge to rules blocking women from the Senate in 1928. They claimed that "Women are Persons" and thereby should be eligible for seats.
Portrait of Louise McKinney
The Parliament grounds had nice views of Ottawa at sunset.
Here's the National Gallery of Art with its "iceberg" installation and Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica with its silver spires situated above the Ottawa River.
Across the Ottawa River the Museum of Civilization glows on the Quebec side of the river in Gatineau.
Behind us Queen Elizabeth II looms on horseback.
This little girl and I loved the little rabbits that fearlessly grazed on the lawns.
When the little visitor disappeared the little girl told her parents. "No problem. I got 2 good pictures!"
The pavilion and the Parliament library at the rear of the Parliament Buildings are riotous examples of Neo-Gothic architecture.
We headed back to our hotel past the Victorian fantasy, the Chateau Laurier hotel, glowing like a castle,
and the picturesque locks connecting the Ottawa River to the Rideau Canal above. A lovely introduction to Ottawa, Canada's capital city.


  1. Very nice - you've captured the flavour - and not just the fish and chips!

  2. It is all lovely and punning seeming at times. How to visit Ottawa? I was once a lover of Canadians but now all I know is dislike since the world continues to shun me. How to get to Ottawa. Don't have passport either. Shshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, tell not a soul.