Sunday, April 21, 2013

For the Friends of Reta

Last week we returned to St Catharines to visit Bill's mum.  Reta was in fine form.
Bill took some portraits of her at the Heritage family restaurant. I kept saying "Look at me, Reta."
 I confess I put my finger up my nose -- honestly! Glad she looked good.
Reta and her son waiting for our cab. It was a lovely Spring day.
 We also visited St Kitts two weeks ago. We're just getting the pictures up now. 
 Bill and I were thrilled to learn that this building on Niagara Street featured in the cult Christmas movie "A Christmas Story". The scene with the boy who's tongue stuck to a pole was shot here.
Reta liked Bill's blue shirt.
Thank you for your patience with my camera, my lovely Reta.
We watched a movie together then we called a cab,
to take us to Coppolla's Ristorante
for our usual Vegeteriano pizza
followed by biscotti with espresso
and our beloved Sicilian liqueur [Averna Amaro Siciliano].

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