Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Family Day with Reta

Bill and I always enjoy the bus ride to St Catharines.
The different kinds of light and all the reflections are always fascinating.
We've become friendly with Randy, our driver.
 Randy knows that Bill is an illustrator. When he asked Bill how the job was going Bill told him his new book, Tommy's Angel,  had just been published and showed him the copy he'd brought to show his mother. Randy loved it and then the woman sitting behind Bill asked to see it, then two Brock students had a look. The woman behind Bill said, "Now we've had our morning devotion."
We got underway. The onramp to the Gardiner Expressway makes me feel urban.
Bill and I like to sit up front where we can watch the action.
Lots of snow in St Catharines. 
As usual Bill was drawn to the houses. 
We found Reta in fine form and sporting a new do.
She posed for her close-ups before we went down to lunch. 
Then it was time for wine, movie and conversation. Try and get a word in edgewise in this group!
We finished the day with fish and chips at the Heritage Restaurant -- a family favourite.