Monday, January 7, 2013

Reta's 93rd Birthday

 The Burlington Skyway was gloomy and wet when John and I rode over it on our way to St Catharines to celebrate my mother's 93rd birthday.
But things brightened up immediately when we joined the glowing birthday girl for lunch in the dining room of Niagara Gardens Retirement Manor.
Reta is wearing our birthday gift, a brooch made by Toronto jewelry designer, Andrea Nellis.
The food and service in the Niagara Gardens dining room is great and we were soon having our usual good time.
Back in Reta's room, Mom and I discussed some financial matters before John opened the champagne and then we tucked into ginger/saffron cookies from Clafouti and dark chocolate from Ikea.
 We watched Wes Anderson's delightful pre-teen love story, Moonrise Kingdom. It fit our mood perfectly.
When my sister-in-law, Merla, and my sister, Kathy, and her hubbie, Brian arrived we whisked off to a favourite family restaurant, Fortis, for hearty birthday fare. Happy Birthday, Reta!!


  1. Sending a big hug to Reta, what an inspiration she is for us all. xo

  2. Thank you, Shelley. I shall personally deliver that "big hug" to the birthday-girl.


  3. I'm so glad Reta was surprised and enjoyed my card. Always a joy to celebrate a momentous birthday; lovely group photo. Truly brightened up the day!


  4. Many happy returns to your mother, Bill!
    Thanks for sharing the photos with your readers.
    Lisa R-R

  5. A pleasure, Lisa. We always have a good time with Reta.

  6. and thanks, Cheri. She really loved your card and that you'd seen her on the internet. Reta LOVES family and pictures of family.

  7. Your mother is beautiful! She certainly does not look her age. A blessing that she is able to enjoy her birthday with people she loves.