Sunday, December 23, 2012

Comfort Food

Tonight Bill baked penne with three kinds of sausage and sweet peppers. When it came out of the oven he called me in to take an official picture. Yum!
One hot Italian, two Great Canadian and one wild boar sausage -- all from Sanagan's Meats in Kensington Market. Romano and smoked mozzarella cheeses -- Bill has found this very tasty mozzarella at Cheese Magic next door to Sanagan's. Red, yellow and orange sweet peppers in tomato sauce.
Bill served it up with swiss chard. It was fun having different kinds of sausage. Good Yuletide grub.


  1. It Looks delicious!

    Have a very Merry Chirstmas Boys.

    Simon & Scott

  2. Enjoy the holidays! Definitely time for feasting.
    Lisa R-R

  3. Thank you Lisa, Scott and Simon. It was just as delicious tonight with an apple salad. Merry Christmas!