Sunday, November 11, 2012

Reta's New Home

John and I got up before dawn yesterday morning and caught an 8am bus to St Catharines to help move   furniture and clothes into the new home of my Mom, Reta.
It was a foggy and mild morning along the Queen Elizabeth Way.
We walked from the bus station along St Paul Street until it turned into Niagara Street. We always enjoy the vernacular architecture of St Catharines. 
Niagara Street has two stand-out disused service stations. 
John loved the facade of the Social Ease Dance Studio.
At last we arrived at Reta's new home, Niagara Gardens Manor.
She was pleased to pose with her handsome moving crew; grandsons, Ryan and Craig and great-grandson, Ryan.
Here's Ryan sitting in the hall during a break checking his text-mail.
Reta was looking good in a new pixie-cut and pleased and thankful to have her favourite furniture and the help of her team-Kimber helpers.


  1. Cheers Reta!! Congrats on the new digs. It's good to see she has such great support. ;-)

  2. Thanks, Shelley. She told me it meant so much to her to have her family with her, helping her.

  3. Reta looks very well!
    Moving is terrible so the more hands and friendly faces the better.
    Lisa R-R

  4. Agreed, Lisa. Reta now feels that the place is her own and the big stress of the move is over. I think it shows.