Wednesday, September 26, 2012

With Lynne McIlvride Evans

We saved our visit with Lynne MacIlvride Evans for the end of our trip so that we could relax with Shelley's old friend before heading home.
We pulled in at the house
and parked by the family's dairy-farm buildings.
 I followed Bill up the steps to the house.
We enjoyed exploring Lynne's studio. 
 I went straight up to this fabulous watercolour. Love it!
McIlvride Evans has been looking at the distinctive mountain range around Montserrat monastery, near Barcelona  There is a legend that the Holy Grail is hidden in those mountains.
We loved these two recent hurricaine constructions.
Then went upstairs
to meet Kristen Perrott who was showing bird collages on the second floor.
That's one of Perrott's collages on the wall. 
 More of her work -- sorry these pictures don't really convey the charm of these works.
Perrott told us not to miss the view from the second floor balcony. 
We went downstairs to join our friends,
 Lynne McIvride Evans and Shelley Savor.
I had a last look at Get in a Cupboard Now. These hurricane constructions are a departure for McIvride Evans. We envied whoever purchased this one.
We got back into our Zipcar 
pulled out of the driveway 
stopped for a moment at Lake Ridge Road
then turned south toward Toronto and home.


  1. A treasure blog for me to look at many many times - thank you so much John & Bill for documenting our studio tour.♥

  2. You're welcome, Shelley. We have 3 more posts to come about our Uxbridge Art Tour together. This will be the last eventually.