Sunday, September 30, 2012

With Francis Muscat

When we left the Tinkls and continued our Uxbridge Art Tour, 
the afternoon light was changing every few minutes. 
As John puts it , "We'd turn a corner and the sky would light up.
 We'd turn another corner and we were back in a Dutch painting.
We turned off Hwy 23 onto Concession Rd #2
on our way to the studio/home of sculptor, Francis Muscat.
His place is definitely a little off the beaten path!
When we parked along his entrance lane we were greeted by a handsome black cat.
The path to Mr Muscat's home is lined with his sculpture.
His favourite medium is glass.
Eventually we arrived at his impressive, self-designed home.
John loved these glass globes. They reminded me of magical squash plants.
They reminded John of the drawings of Raymond Pettibon.
Guest artist, Frank Ditomaso, had a tent displaying his woodwork
near the front entrance to Francis' residence.
The Muscat studio itself is entered through the back. I loved the glass stairway and glass garden.
 John was drawn to this box of tumbled glass.
He looked up at the sign and said, "Let's buy some, Bill."
Inside we met the charming artist.
Francis' glass sculptures looked great in the beautifully lit space.
I particularly liked these whimsical glass figures on the windows.
John loved the view from the little porch with its ceiling of vinyl
and the kitchen pantry with a collection of preserves.
On our way out we once again admired his organic glass pieces in their perfect woodland setting.

On  the 3rd of October 2012 we received a note of thanks from the artist and this comment: "I would like to mention that the Glass around the property was provided by Alfred Engerer and includes works by many Canadian Glass Artists, there are also collaborative works." -- Francis Muscat


  1. Francis really lives the dream doesn't he? A beautiful place with beautiful creations.

  2. Yep. His house and property is amazing, Shelley!