Sunday, September 16, 2012

Queen West Art Crawl

 Bill and I enjoyed the Queen West Art Crawl today.
 Trinity Bellwoods Park is a perfect place for art and people to mingle.
 We looked for our friend Pamela Williams.
 We bought one of her photographs a decade ago and we still enjoy looking at it so we're always curious to see what she's been up to.
 Here's Williams
and her books.
 We enjoyed meeting the brains behind Foxymopquits and Quilted City.
We want all of their quilts
to furnish our dream-cottage.
 We were pleased to see Garett Walker.
We've been following his photography for the last few years.
He showed us his latest publication: Dome Sweet Dome.
 Detailing his childhood interest in Buckmaster Fuller's geodesic domes.
 Travel back in time with us to the skies-the-limit 60s!
He also showed us his latest project -- portraits of ice scrapers.
 Is summer really over?
Not yet.
 I was drawn to this table of brightly coloured printed fabrics by Avril Loreti.
 I've never seen her stuff before -- I love it. 
Perfect for our dream kitchen.
In the booth next door we met Loreti's colleague, Krystal Speck (most cosmic name ever.)
Speck and Loreti told us they'll be doing something together at this year's Design Show.
We'll leave you with the source of the soundtrack we'd been enjoying -- the deep-bass improvosation of PROCESSOR -- from Melissa J and LP.

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