Sunday, September 2, 2012

Let's Go to the Ex!

 I was watching the airshow from the roof of our building on Saturday and got the urge to join the crowds and  go to the Ex!
Soon John and I were walking through Coronation Park towards the Princes' Gate.
 Once we entered the gates the first vendor was selling the classics, caramel corn and candy floss. "Begin as you mean to go on..."
 First stop was the Canadian Armed Forces exhibit.
 Next stop was the surfers riding the wave at Flowrider.
Then straight into the midway frenzy. Enjoy.
The Skyride looked fun but the line-up was too long.
Rifle range.
John loved the mirrors on the Mama's Pizza truck.
Eventually we exited the Prince's Gate
and crossed Coronation Park on our way home.
By happy accident we ran into our neighbour, Wendy, with her charming Scottie,