Wednesday, August 8, 2012

At George's Fish & Chips

Something about the beach put us in mind of french fries.
So Dimitri stopped at George's Fish and Chips, his and Annellie's favourite chip shop on our way to the 401 when we headed back to Toronto.
Bill and I loved the signage displays.
 When I took a picture of a painting on glass
the George put his head out and asked me why I was taking pictures of his decorations.
I complimented him on his artwork while we waited for our french fries and gravy.
 He watched me taking pictures for a while then said
"You are taking pictures that it is not possible for a human being to take." I was flattered.


  1. How do you take his comment?
    Is it that no one has seen his space the way you did?
    And where is the magical chip van located?
    love the blog

  2. Chip van is on Old Portage Road at Loyalist Parkway, in Prince Edward County, near the Bay of Quinte.
    It's a funny comment isn't it? I think you've got it. I think it was a reaction to me taking about a dozen pictures in about two minutes. I'm definitely taking it as a compliment.