Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reta in August

Off to visit Bill's mother Reta this morning. Storms predicted all day so we didn't ride our bikes to the bus station. 
The rain held off until we were passing Mississauga. It was raining lightly when we got to St Catharines -- the day was hot and steamy so it was pleasant.
We were enjoying our DVD of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen when it started to pour again.
The downpour ceased before our walk to Coppola's. The air was fresh and still hot.
While we were waiting for our pizza at Coppola's Ristorante I handed Reta our Nikon D90 and she took this fabulous picture of us.
 After dinner William and Reta Kimber posed for me behind a hedge of morning glories.
We walked home down Rodman Street. Bill had his mother. I had the camera.
Small town St Catharines is always exotic to me.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Walk in Picton, Ontario

After swims in the pool and a lovely breakfast at Traditions b&b, John, Annellie and Dimitri and I took a stroll down to Main Street.
The town has wonderful, distinctive Victorian architecture like this bed and breakfast across the street from our guesthouse.
John liked these house proud owners fixing up their lovely little brick home.
I followed behind my companions recording the scene.
I loved this wonderful, Edwardian fantasy of a home
with its lush planting and sharp, peaked details.
We all liked the look of this garage turned into live-in studio. Annellie and Dimitri had seen it up for sale recently and had considered making an offer on it.
On Main Street we passed the Regent Theatre (1918), originally built as an opera house and now offering movies and music concerts. The main drag was hopping with holiday visitors.
John passes a chef on stilts advertising his pizza shop.
And in front of the old Royal Hotel, we discovered Annellie's sister, Kerei, manning her glassworks street booth. We made a date to visit her farm/studio later that day.

Monday, August 20, 2012

At the AGO

John and I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario yesterday.
We paid a last visit to the Picasso show and took these portraits of each other.

Traditions Guesthouse, Picton

 When we arrived in Picton, we booked into our home for the weekend, Traditions Guesthouse B&B on Centre Street.
Annellie and Dimitri know how to choose a B&B. The backyard featured a gazebo
and a gorgeous swimming pool surrounded by lawn chairs.
That's our room, the four windows above the breakfast nook.
 Every morning we were greeted by hot coffee and scrumptious breakfasts.
 The first featured grilled local tomatoes
and a casserole of ham, eggs mushrooms, asparagus, bread and cheese. Delish!!
We swam in the morning, we swam at night
and one afternoon we swam in the pouring rain of a passing thunderstorm.
 We talked about the teen fashion blogger, Tavi Gevinson, her achievement and her "teen feminism".
Before retiring to our cozy en-suite room. 
 The second breakfast began with scones and homemade jam,
cereal and fresh fruit with yogurt
 and here Patti brings out the piece de resistance,
waffles topped with blueberries and surrounded by rashers of bacon! Yum!!
Upon leaving we extended a fond farewell to our charming hosts, Patti and Mike, on their doorstep.
More content and grateful visitors would be difficult to find.

A Glass at the County Cider Company

Annellie and Dimitri always know where to stop for a refreshing taste or a glass.
We turned in at the Conrad David House (1832) -- a local landmark in Waupoos, Prince Edward County.
They said that Bill and I had to taste the ciders at the County Cider Company.
 We tasted four ciders inside then went out for a snack and a glass or two.
 Bill and I took turns walking around the vineyard.
Wonderful to see the vines against the backdrop of the lake.
We were thrilled when Sheila and Michael two Toronto friends appeared.
I felt very cosmopolitan being discovered in this high class joint.