Thursday, April 5, 2012

Reta at Coppolas

Bill and I had a lovely visit with his mother Reta on Monday. She gave us lunch and then we watched "We Bought a Zoo" which was perfect for our lighthearted mood.
 Afterwards we went to Coppola's -- our favourite Italian restaurant in St Catharines
 We love to split a Vegetariano pizza.
Bill and I have gotten Reta hooked on having an espresso after dinner and a glass of Amaro Siciliano, the Italian digestive we discovered in Sicily. She likes to add sugar to her coffee as the Italians prefer.
And enjoys dunking the biscotti.
I grew hypnotized watching the second dunk. She's used to my snapping away with my camera. And we haven't even touched our chocolate bundt cake yet!
The last of the biscotti is always so tasty.
Her last sip of coffee. I can almost taste it.
After dinner we stepped out into the bright afternoon for a trip to our beloved Buns Master to pick up a few groceries.
Reta is a discerning shopper. Here she is surveying the frozen foods.
At last, laden with purchases, we headed back to her apartment.
It's always a pleasure to spend time with Reta.


  1. Beautiful pictures of Reta and Bill. Thanks for such a treat, for our eyes.

  2. Glad you enjoyed them, Mariana. I love those two! -John

  3. i love this blog

  4. That's very flattering, jeff! Stay tuned - we're heading off to Berlin in May!