Saturday, April 7, 2012

On the road to Reta

When Bill and I visit his mother, Reta, in St Catharines we always take the bus.
We prefer to get to the terminal early buy our tickets and then wait in the open hangar.
Once on our way we thread though the tiny Chinatown streets emerging onto University Avenue. The city is already buzzing.
We like to sit right at the front of the bus to enjoy the view of the Gardiner Expressway
and the Queen Elizabeth Way.
I always love my first glimpse of the Burlington Skyway bridge at Hamilton
with its dazzling view of Lake Ontario.
The bus to St Catharines always stops at Grimsby. As we carried on our way we looked at this picture on the back of the camera and named this dog The Poodle of Grimsby.
Bill always gives Reta a quick call when we arrive at the St Kitts' bus terminal.
Before heading to Reta's place we walked up Academy Street to St Paul, the old main drag of St Catharines.
Bill has heard that the Victorian shops lining St Paul Street are going to be revived.
Bill took this picture of the Town Cinema where he saw Fellini's 8 1/2 around 1963 and it changed his life. Now let's go find his mother!


  1. A very nice journey. I too took the bus many times when my sister lived there. Is there still the Diana Sweets restaurant on St. Paul?

  2. Just found this article about the old Diana Sweets, Shelley. Gone but not forgotten - it was a true taste of old style ice cream parlours.