Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Library Strike Day 10

I arrived at the Knit-in at City Hall to the sound of library workers singing "With a Little Help From My Friends".
Some library workers were spinning yarn
out of woollen fluff.
Other library staff and interested members of the public were settling in for a couple of hours of public knitting.
City TV was there
to interview library staff on the 10th day of our strike.
I met four generations of the Fairley family on the picket line.
Enjoyed seeing the CBC, the National Post and the Globe and Mail
talking to the Yarn Harlot.
I don't knit so I was fascinated
 to watch the knitting
of the library workers
and the knitters of Toronto who brought their yarn and their knitting needles
in support of a collective agreement we and the city can live with.