Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shelley Savor's Heartland

Bill and I went to the opening of Shelley Savor's Heartland this afternoon at the  Arcadia Gallery on Queen's Quay West.
Each of these hand painted tags has a romantic literary quote on the back.
In Heartland Savor has collected her latest linocuts, watercolours and drawings.
"Pastry Chef"
Savor's superb work speaks for itself.
"After You Left I Started Collecting My Thoughts"
"Dinner at the Canary Restaurant"
"The Wallpaper Knew About Everything That Went On" 
"Pour Your Heart Out"
"My Heart Bleeds For You"
 "The Book You Gave Me Changed My Life"
"Sometimes It Just Stops"
 "Let's Meet at the Bookstore"
"He Was a Real Ladies Man"
 "They Watched Many a Storm Together" (centre)
Arcadia Gallery is at 680 Queen's Quay West at the bottom of Bathurst Street.
You'll find Shelley Savor in fine form tomorrow and the next two weekends.
"He Rose Above the Situation"
"Setting It Free"
"Setting It Free (detail)"
Heartland continues at Arcadia Gallery until March 11th
Saturdays and Sundays from 2 to 5 p.m.
Find more Savor on Flickr.


  1. Once again you've captured the event and the artwork beautifully. And thanks for the link to Shelley's Flickr site. It's delightful too.

  2. You're very welcome, Rebecca. We're so happy you liked our coverage of the event. Shelley's so talented, eh?

  3. I'm still glowing remembering this exhibit at Arcadia - thank you John & Bill for your tremendous support and assistance hanging & taking down the show. It was lovely meeting so many 'Arcadians' and new friends from my virtual connections around the world. I'm so very grateful. ♥

  4. Your Heartland show was a total delight, Shelley. We were glad to sponsor you and to help with the set up and taking down of the show. Got some great art for our collection too!