Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Royal Winter Fair

Last Saturday, John and I had the pleasure of visiting the Royal Winter Fair at the Canadian National Exhibition grounds in Toronto.
John snapped me entering the dairy-cattle space with a few of the exhibitors.
The smell of hay and manure always brings back memories of the many barns that 
I spent time in during my youth in the countryside of Southern Ontario,
and of the farm people who worked in them.
The competitors are so charming and friendly!
John loved this fellow sitting amongst his heifers catching up on the news.
and this cow doing her Elsie imitation from the old Bordens Milk ads.
He also loved the grey outlines on the markings of these dairy cows.
I myself loved the comradeship of this farm boy and his calf.
The main action during our stay was of competitors leading their entries
to and from grooming sessions.
The competitors carefully groom their wards like this young man inspecting his calf in a grooming cage.
Every detail becomes important. Expertise and concentration are always so attractive.
We also loved this farmer and his son talking with a judge about their trio of attractive goats in their pen.
It's always fun to inspect the prize-winning vegetables. These are big!
Our wanderings eventually took us to the Horse Palace and it's Exercise Ring
where city visitors can enjoy close-up views on the horses in the competitions.
Like this horse and rider leaving the ring, John and I eventually had to leave the wonderful rural world that the Royal brings to town each Fall. It's on until Sunday November 13th and we highly recommend a visit!


  1. Great post! You've really captured the fair - I haven't been in many years and this is like a revisit.

  2. Thanks, rare cat! We hadn't been for while either but it was a real pleasure to return. And photogenic too!