Monday, August 1, 2011

Paris Metro

John and I love the Paris Metro. It is an efficient, inexpensive way to get around Paris. It is always a pleasure to enter one of the Art Nouveau entrances designed by Hector Guimard.
Some stations send you into the depths below the city. Here John has caught me descending into the Saint-Michel station.
The Paris buskers are of a higher than usual calibre. John captured this string ensemble of young musicians entertaining the commuters.
Most stations are streamlined and clean, with curved walls
lined with advertising gods and human travellers.
Parisians are fun to watch wherever you find them.
Climb aboard and find a seat
to be whisked off to your destination.
Wherever we come back up into the City of Light is sure to be an adventure.
We loved the Palais-Royal stop with its playful, modern exit decorated in huge, glass beads by Jean-Michel Othoniel whose work was being shown at the Pompidou Center during our stay last May.


  1. I love the Paris Metro too - great way of getting around town. The hotel we stayed in was just across the street from Metro St. Paul. It's great to be able to hop on it, go shopping at Galleries Lafayette and come back to the neighbourhood for dinner just two hours later.

  2. Amen, rarecat. The St. Paul and Bastille metro stops were our regulars as well.
    Bill Kimber