Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Paris' Best Fallafel

John and I would often join the crowds that gather on Rue des Rosiers in the Jewish section of the Marais for a falafel from L'As du Fallafel, the spot to get the best falafels in Paris. Above, we see John watching a Jewish Lubavitcher offering to wrap worshippers with the leather ritual binding known as a tefillin.
You can eat inside or take your falafel away for a mere 5 euros. Most people take them to go, in fact you can see people eating them wrapped in the distinctive yellow napkins all over the Marais any time night or day.
The delicious sandwiches are so big that John and I always shared one and were  soon utterly satisfied by our inexpensive purchase. In fact, we could never understand how people ate a whole one on their own. 
The L'As falafels are so full of good things, including roasted eggplant, that people eat them with forks.
If you are in the Marais in Paris be sure to try one. You'll become addicted and understand the shop's claim that their falafels are "Toujours Imité Jamais Egalé" (Always imitated, never equalled).


  1. I believe that's where I got my cheesecake our last night in Paris! We just discovered that street that evening, even though it's right next to the street our hotel was on.

  2. That's a great tale, rarecat. This last time we were in Paris for a whole month and still were finding exciting things near our apartment at the end of the stay. I think Paris is just a plain old-fashioned fascinating place.