Thursday, May 26, 2011

Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris

Bill and I just saw Woody Allen's new movie: Midnight in Paris. It's one of his great movies -- which was a nice surprise. He does for Paris what he did for NYC in Manhattan.

A huge bonus for us was walking out of the magical Paris of the movie into the actual streets of Paris, which we suddenly saw with new eyes -- the wide avenue lined with chestnut trees, the well dressed strollers, the sidewalk cafes. We crossed the street, turned down our street and found ourselves once more in our beloved Place des Vosges and decided to do a little stroll around the block.

It's always beautiful, but you get used to a place and stop seeing it. Tonight we saw it again as it for the first time. Here are Bill's snaps -- under the influence --

Please double-click to see the trailer full-sized.

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