Thursday, May 5, 2011

Place des Vosges

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this famous landmark of Paris, let's take a tour of the square with its classic architecture, arcades and its gardens. Henri IV commissioned its construction in 1602 and it was finally opened in 1612. Here we see the southerly entrance to the square and its gardens.
The garden is in the classic French style using gravel paths, grass lawns, a centerpiece of horse-chestnuts, surrounded by alleys of pruned trees and conifers. 
Beautiful fountains add sound and fascination to the design 
and  benches in the shade of the alleys of pruned trees offer a place for peaceful contemplation.
An equestrian statue of King Louis XIII is the garden's centerpiece. The Place des Vosges has always attracted prestigious residents, like Victor Hugo and, now, Issey Miyake. John and I are thrilled to be living next door for the month of May.


  1. I want to post a message to William and John, I like so much your blog it's beautiful. Paris is a lovely city, I think a lot of new photos will be next days. (my english is not good, I speak spanish, 'cause I'm from Argentina).

  2. Ola,Delia! We're happy that you like our blog and Paris. We are in Paris for the month of May. Expect many more pictures. We hope to visit Argentina one day in the future.