Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Morellet at Beaubourg

The Beaubourg always has fascinating special exhibitions of contemporary artists and this visit is no exception. We were completely unfamiliar with the work of Francois Morellet. Reinstallations, showcases the work of this artist who has been active from the early 1960s.
The 25 pieces that trace his career often make use of neon installations that start with almost epilepsy-inducing flashing patterns to the elegant works of his later pieces.
The later samples of his oeuvre tend toward a more conceptual direction with works in adhesive tape, wall drawings and pieces of wood.
By far the most accessible piece for both John and I was the stunning construction in neon, Avalanche, pictured above. The concept is that the first neon tube is horizontal and the last is vertical and the others are all at separate angles in between. The result is wonderful.

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