Saturday, May 7, 2011

La Mosque de Paris

It was a warm, clear Spring day when John and I visited the Paris Mosque in the 5th arrondissement. Its a gorgeous, exotic jewel built by Moroccan craftsmen in the early 20th century.
We felt a serene calm immediately on entering the building.
For an entry fee of 3 euros visitors are free to enter the beautifully tiled cloisters.
Of course only worshippers are allowed into the prayer room but it is possible to peek into its interior from the entrance doorway.
John loved the wonderful relationship between this simple chair and the colourful tilework.
 I loved the classic, sunken, garden with its water features
and the beautifully detailed side rooms. What a treat to find in the centre of the City of Light!


  1. Nice photos. I remember drinking sweet mint tea there back in the day.

    BTW it's La Mosquée, not La Mosque. Specifically "La Grande Mosquée de Paris."

  2. Glad to help prod your memory, Mary. And thank you for the copy editing. We'll fix it when we get back to Toronto (and our Mac). The netbook we are traveling with doesn't seen to have access to accents -- makes it hard to write about Paris! :)