Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In the Louvre

In art galleries Bill and I spend as much time looking at the other people in the gallery as at the art.

I love this couple taking a break from looking at masterpieces to review their own photographs.
The Louvre is a killer museum. Even experienced visitors, like Bill and I, can wander for hours looking for what we want to see. We feel for these people, scrutinizing their maps.


  1. lovely point of view!!! Is your first visit at the museum? I like yours warm and sensitive photographs, looking these I can feel what happen with the visitors in that great museum (oh **** my english!!!)

  2. Your English if fine! We have been to the Louvre many times and it is so big that it is always difficult and tiring. Great art, though!

  3. I heart the Louvre. It is not really possible to go enough times, is it?
    Perhaps just drop in for short visits if you have a museum card one week. That can be less overwhelming than one long day.
    I also liked the evening hours - different crowd of visitors.
    There used to be a ticket machine at the north end of the food court gallery (is that Passage RIchelieu?). That was a good way to skip the line at the Pyramid.

  4. I love your museum card idea -- learn to find your favourite bits, so you can slip in for a quick hit, or maybe wander for a half hour open to discoveries. Bill and I skipped the line-up in the hot sun --ugh!) at the pyramid by entering at the Carousel. I know there's another spot where you can enter with a pass. Is it the Passage Richelieu? I'll have to ask Bill tomorrow -- It's a very late 11:30 p.m. here. Always great to hear from you, Lisa!

  5. Hi Lisa
    The other alternative entrance is at the Porte des Lions.
    cheers, Bill