Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Douglas Gordon at Musée Rodin

 Our visit to the Rodin Museum this morning was enhanced by a projection of Douglas Gordon's Star Trek, Predictable Incident in Unfamiliar Soundings.
 Gordon does his usual slow-motion treatment to a handful of scenes of Captain Kirk kissing a variety of aliens and crew members thereby revealing a world of repressed lust, passion and desire that is comic yet ties nicely into the primal urges envisioned in Rodin's sculptures.
It was fun to sit in the darkened room watching the low-fi footage, without sound, while other visitors to the Rodin Museum stuck their heads in and either lingered a little while or vanished.


  1. Saw this last week. Fantastic! I would luuurve to have this on DVD. Do you think it's possible to get hold of it without being a gallery or art establishment of some sort?

  2. Google it to see if you can find out which galleries represent him. Their websites might help. Sometimes video installation DVDs are limited to a certain number of copies, which would be priced for galleries. But I know his "Zidane" DVD is available commercially. Let me know what you find out -- if anything!