Monday, May 9, 2011

Dijkstra at Beaubourg

Bill and I spent a very leisurely three hours at the Pompidou Centre (affectionately called Beaubourg) this afternoon. Please click on the pictures to see them larger
We watched a stunning three screen video by Dutch artist Rineke Dijkstra called "I See a Woman Crying (Weeping Woman)". The reference is to one of Picasso's portraits of Dora Marr. 
Dijkstra developed the piece with local schoolchildren while in residence at the Tate Liverpool in 2008. The kids are talking about Picasso's Weeping Woman without having been told anything about it. They are trying to figure it out aloud. The results are fascinating.
We loved the piece and wanted to give you some idea of the experience of watching it in it's own darkened room.
The kids are intelligent and say interesting things. Bill's favourite comment was, "Maybe she just got a letter that said, 'You're next!'"
Dijkstra is one of my heroes.  
 The kids finally fall silent and stare at the painting and the film fades to an end.
Then it begins again.
Tate Liverpool Press Release
We never see Picasso's painting during Dijkstra's piece, but here it is for your interest.

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