Saturday, May 28, 2011

Canal St-Martin

John and I had never visited the Canal St-Martin during any of our earlier visits to Paris so today when we were headed for lunch at the Enfants Rouges Market we decided to head up to it first.
We headed up Blvd Richard-Levoir and when we arrived at the canal a colourful little houseboat was just passing through the locks.
I climbed up one of the footbridges to get a better view.
Then hurried along to the next footbridge and swing-bridge to get some more shots.
The swing-bridge was just opening as I climbed the footbridge above it.
And the houseboat quickly passed through. All very toy-town for a lad brought up along the Welland Canal and the big lakers and ocean ships passing through the Great Lakes of Ontario as part of the St Lawrence Seaway but picturesque nonetheless and right in the center of Paris.

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