Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Arrival in Paris

After a safe and reasonably comfortable trip to Paris, John and I made our way to the Marais neighbourhood to our home for the coming month of May, the apartment of our friends, Bruno and Julia Daro. We were given a warm reception and a quick instruction on all the special details of their beautiful pied-a-terre before they headed off to Rome.
Here's the view of the rooftops of the City of Light from the hallway window as we entered their apartment. Thats the rooftop of the Centre Pompidou in the distance on the right.
The apartment is situated just around the corner from the famous Marais landmark, the Place des Vosges, that elegant square commissioned by Henri IV in 1605. How's that for a classy neighbourhood! Does this mean we've truly "arrived"?
We made a quick stroll through the gardens of the square and then headed back into the Marais in search of some lunch! Thank you so much, Dear Daros, for making this visit to Paris so special! It really is a dream come true!


  1. Looking forward to following your trip from afar!
    Enjoy beautiful Paris.
    If you are having too much fun to blog, we will just have to wait.

  2. Hi Lisa
    Were definitely having fun but jet-lag and figuring out a new version of Picassa for processing photos has slowed down the posts til now. Let the stories begin!