Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Art Treasures

Bill and I left two stories out of our account of our art crawl last Saturday because we didn't have illustrations.
Type Books had some original, Leanne Shapton watercolours for sale for $10. We admired them, made as if to leave the shop, looked at each other and went back and bought this marvelous, puddled,  X.
We also dropped into Paul Petro Contemporary Art that Saturday and we loved the new show. We hadn't known the work of Toronto artist Sandy Plotnikoff. There was one small work that we loved and when I got home I called Paul but the work had sold. Paul told us Plotnikoff was doing two more pieces the same size and offered to call us when they were ready. Bill and I went to the gallery after hours last Friday night and brought home this little panel.
For his Petro show Plotnikoff was working with "holographic foils on cinefoil mounted on dibond". It can look quite icy from a distance. The picture bursts into colour as you walk toward it.
The colours change as you change your position.

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