Thursday, March 3, 2011

Last Saturday on Queen Street West

Bill and I got off the Queen Street West streetcar at Dufferin last Saturday so we could walk back to Bathurst taking pictures and looking in art galleries. I wanted to see the new Dufferin extension that Bill had told me about. I didn't take a picture of the extension but the underpass on Queen St West stopped me in my tracks.
 Of course, construction sites so often look like art installations so it was the perfect place to begin our art crawl of Queen St West.
We like to eat at The Beaver if we are early enough to get a table. The staff are always so nice there. If there's a table you always get seated right away with a bottle of fresh Toronto tap water and your menu.
We always check out the Fly Gallery (a window for Art) at 1172 Queen Street West. We love the winter creature presently on display.
Katharine Mulherin had three wonderful shows. Here are some lovely new Roberta McNaughtons in Mulherin's window. We also loved her show of Ray Fenwick's small paintings on book covers, Mascots at 1086 Queen West.
 I've always been fascinated by this Tae Kwon Do mannequin with it's soft eyes and traces of past incarnations.
Bill loved this cactus and hand lettering at an old appliance store near Fennings Ave.
I was Kinnearing (taking photographs without holding the camera up to your eye) as we walked along Trinity Bellwoods Park . This was my fave.
We ordered a churrasquiera chicken at Inigo near Strachan Ave. We'd read about these free-range, grain-fed, birds from Quebec. We had to wait, because the latest set of chickens wasn't ready to come out of the oven. We killed 15 minutes at Type Books nearby. 

When we got back to Inigo we watched the roast chickens come out of the oven in a burst of steam. The chef, Carlos Hernandez, gave us a free serving of lovely pickled vegetables because we'd had to come back. He said, "I need to look after you."
The chicken we took home was utterly delicious, and so were the pickles, especially the onions.  We'll be back for dinner. We've decided we need to eat our way through their menu.


  1. Too bad I just missed you - last Saturday I was walking from Ossington to Dufferin also to check out art and the underpass, but Shelly and I were there between 3 and 4pm ...
    Did you see Ms Mulherin packing a giant crate? Kind of fascinating.
    Thanks for the photos!

  2. That's funny, Lisa -- such a small town! Yes, Katharine and her husband were struggling to box up some artwork when we were there. They were at their wit's end and the shippers were expected soon. The travails of a gallerist! Glad you like the pics!